Чистене какво да се

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Чистене какво да се

Post by user45 on Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:23 pm

чинии - всички

бърсане прах, под


Thursday no lineage2

18:10 prahosmukachka
18:50 hladilnik chinii, obelki

19:25 shave
19:45 log prqsno mlqko
19:55 log spagetti

20:10 log skladirane morkovi hladilnik
20:30 list medicite, whats missing

22:00 short contact replaced with long on tv
22:20 riza, pantalon zakachalka
22:40 prazen divan

18:00 hairsaloon shave neck

bags behind cupboard
kitchen redWhite polish tutorial
table temp marker cleanup
bibl in one year +
pay water
organizer mobile
recharge toothbrush

buy mineral water
testresults from med lab
get debit card
car: air filter
car: step motor
=========  DONE ===========
19:15 peralnia chorapi
20:10 belene vsichki morkovi
21:30 air conditioner in box
19:00 post key to hall maria luiza 68
shower phone - needle
pay electicity
chip mac38
app book after book
chandellier in bedroom
polish shoes and bag and tag in boxes


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